Internet Vs Scam [2020]

Internet Vs Scam [2020]

Reach of internet is now covering the whole world. It has killed the distance between people, cities, states and even nations. Meeting with one of the US or Australian client is much easier than contacting with one of the relative in your neighboring cities. When we go beyond 15 to 20 years back, it all feels like a dream. We can’t live without Facebook Or WhatsApp now days. We can’t travel without an online booking cabs or our railway or flight tickets or drive without google map. Isn’t it looks like a dream!

The world is now like a small home and everything looks nearer. People generally come across a lot of scams related to home based online Job. These are kind like providing data entry jobs, typing, e-commerce development, virtual assistant etc. I like to share top 5 examples happens, few of them also faced by me personally.

1. At the early stage my freelancing career, I had applied for a project. The recruiter gave me an email id and ask contact to connect. I sent email to them. After 1 day she informed that “I got selection for interview for Office Administrative task”. She shared me a job overview attached to that email. The Job overview attachment had a lots of details like their policy, benefits, responsibilities, etc. By reading the job details, no one could believe that it may be a scam. When I searched the company on Google, it had a very legitimate name in the US market. However, I emailed to them, I’m ready for the interview.

On very next day, I got an Skype request for meeting, also awarded an interview code. The interview manager started my interview. She asked me 10 questions. These were a very general type of questions like “what is your experience?”, “tell me something about yourself”, “how far you see yourself after 5 years in the organization?”, “can you hand over the responsibility of Regional director? However, once the meeting completed, after 2 days, They requested for my Identification proofs.

After 24 hours I got an offer letter. It was unbelievable and like a dream. By just giving answer of few questions, someone could be selected as an office administrative for such high sensitive work? They had offered me $24 per hour during the training and $28 as per normal work. Then they proposed me to give me a start-up fund for a laptop and all office equipment. Wow! Isn’t look like a dream. Now, one person took my final interview on Skype. She informed that all office equipment including laptop at my own because their finance department unable to assigned a start-up fund in my country. Later, this will reimbursed. Now, I got stuck. It feels me like a scam…no, it was really a scam.

2. Another incident happens. Someone selected me through same Freelancing site. I got selection for a data entry task with a rate of $5 per hour. The recruiter told “There are 3 kinds of people works with us – Developer, Manager and Data Entry Associates, and they are marked with Red, Green and Blue badge accordingly” – “You have to purchase the badges”. “Since you have been selected as Developer, you have to buy the red badge in $30.” I said “it is another scam”.

3. Sometime you may be noticing that there are a lots of data entry offers in the market. They offer work by giving some typing work related to Medical Billing, Mortgage, deed etc. They charge a lot of upfront fees in the name of consultancy or security charges and others. Approx. 99% of such agencies are scam. They assigned same tasks to multiple people, they do compare their completed work to each other and find errors. At some point, they terminate you in the name of accuracy and low productivity.

4. One day, I got a call. The person was saying that he is calling on behalf of SBI Bank. He was able to tell everything about my bank details like my name, branch, card number, account number, billing address etc. He said that my account has been in-active and to active it, there is an OTP has been sent into my mobile and I should be tell that OTP. I was aware that this is a scam. When I asked why they are doing this, he confidently that I can complained it anywhere in India. He was correct.

When I call the cyber cell dept, they said that it is hard to trace to such people. They always call to such people as they get more than 100+ complaint on daily basis like this. When I asked “why”? They said they are also helpless. The suggestion from that officer – “Be aware with such fraud call!”. You also should be aware the same.

5. One more incident happens one day. I got a friend request from one of the beautiful girl named…I don’t remember! The girl was from UK. So generally, happens, we share our contact details and all other thing. After 1-2 weeks, she was used to talk about their business profile and others. She told me that she has a tour to India due to some business purpose from her company side. So, I should assist him as she doesn’t know anyone except few people from the partner company on which they are dealing with. I said okay, I will help all possible I can do. However, the day finally came when she was supposed to reach to India. Suddenly, I got a call when I was in a metro in morning time that she has been arrested in Mumbai airport without any reason. They have taken her into custody and inquiring. Even cell phone from which she is calling from an officer’s mobile. The officer is saying that if she could arrange of at least 50k INR, they can relive him. Can I arrange? As soon as she will come to Delhi, she will pay back to me. Since, she didn’t know anyone here she is helpless. Another scam.

So friend, I had read a chapter – “Machine and Technology” when I was in 8th standard that every invention has some bad and good effect and it depends on how we utilized them. So, internet has made its way some good and bad effect, but some people are using it for fraud and scam. I would suggest be alert, be aware!

By Anand
– CEO at CDMSoftech Solution Pvt Ltd

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