Data Services

Data Entry Services

Of course, we all agree that the success of your business is largely tied to how efficiently and accurately you manage data. Inexperience combined with the use of obsolete data management techniques and data-processing tools can cost your business dearly in the long run.

However, it is quite a challenge adequately processing such high volume of data as we have in modern business environments. Choosing to take an in-house approach to your data management isn’t the best either, as it would unnecessarily cost you productivity, cost and most especially time.

So how about you focus on the more crucial side of your business and outsource your data entry affordably to experts?

This is where we majestically come into the picture. CDMSoftech has effortfully built an enviable reputation as a reliable authority in the area of data entry. Our brilliant uniqueness spiced with our gigantic experience has ensured that our customers are given top quality data entry services affordably and promptly – no wonder they are always coming back!

Leveraging the best of technology cutting across Remote Desktop Servers, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) as well as ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technology, we are at the forefront of innovation and technology adoption as a modern data entry service solution.

Excellence is our thing at CDMSoftech and our customers can always trust us to beat their expectations. What more? We abide religiously by the highest form of confidentiality as we will only assign trustworthy and dignified project managers to take of our project. Punctuality? You can never beat us there! We will execute and deliver your project perfectly right on the; how dare we keep you waiting?

No matter the technicality of your data entry project, we have got an elite team of top specialists here at CDMSoftech eagerly waiting to overwhelm you with excellence! For all this brilliance and marvel that typifies our services, we are yet affordable – offering an uncompromised and glittering quality of service at competitive prices within your budget.

Some of our major Data Entry Service includes:
  • Data Entry from paper / books or image files in any format
  • CatLog data entry or data entry for e-commerce websites
  • Keying in from yellow pages and white pages
  • OCR / data capture / data collection using any automated process
  • Online completion of surveys, survey questionnaires and responses of customers
  • Data Entry from hardcopy / printed material into MS Office
  • Data Entry into software programs and applications
  • Data Entry for mailing list / mailing label
  • Business card data entry into any format
  • Copy, paste, editing, sorting and indexing data into any format

Only get the best hands for your data entry service, we always leave a smile on the faces of our customers!

Excellence, confidentiality, trustworthiness and perfection are our motto, why not get in touch we us and experience the best data entry management system for your firm.

We are available 24/7 to assist you.

Data Cleansing Services

We provide a data cleansing team which ensures that data on your products, client data base and marketing are very well updated, removing all obsolete data to enhance the growth rate of you brand. By providing you with up to date data which is accurate, our firm can successfully market their product with such information.

We make sure we adequately manage your records, correct typo and spelling errors, removal of data duplicate and data verification and validation. Also, we take absolute care to cleanse unwanted data from your mailing lists. This simply shows hoe prudent we can be when hired to manage your data entry process.

Key Focus Area of our Data Cleansing Service includes:
  • Records Management
  • Mailing Lists Cleansing
  • Typos / Spelling Errors Correction
  • Missing Information Fixing
  • Duplicate Data Removal
  • Data Verification and Validation

Data Processing Services

We understand the concept of data processing and its importance to the world of business. As such, we assist our clients in the organization and structuring of all available documents in the firm by providing effective, efficient and reliable data processing services. We ensure skilled data processing services such as Form Processing Services, Order Processing Services, Image Processing Services, Insurance Claims, Transaction Processing Services etc.

Key Focus Area of our Data Processing Service includes:
  • Forms processing services
  • Order processing services
  • Image processing services
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Check processing services
  • Survey processing services
  • Mailing list compilation
  • Transaction processing services

Data Mining Services

CDMSoftech redefines the concept of data mining. We strategically assist our clients to increase its productivity and profit margin by ensuring sharp interaction with customers and early fraud detection and risk management. By ensuring the following, gathering data from website into excel sheets, online data mining services, creating list of target website etc., we significantly put your business ahead of others.

Some of our major Data Mining Service includes:
  • Data extraction from scanned documents
  • Pre-Processing of data from your warehouse
  • Extracting meta-data from websites
  • Gathering data from websites into excel spreadsheets
  • Online data mining services
  • Creating lists of target websites
  • Online searching for pricing information
  • Extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources
  • Online synchronization for different databases
  • Mining process for different website's products, prices and descriptions etc.
  • Extracting precise and updated information about your competitors' pricing

Data Management Services

As a business process outsourcing firm, we have a professional stand by team which is tasked with managing, collecting, cleaning, systemize and standardizing all valuable information for your firm. We ensure database development, Indexing and Scanning services, Data Analytic services, Data Abstraction Services and so on.

Some of our major Data Management Service includes:
  • Database Development
  • Indexing / Scanning Services
  • Data Cleansing & Enrichment
  • Data Abstraction Services
  • Data Analytics Services
  • De-duplicate entries
  • Verify and validate database records

Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly skilled, talented and professional individual who provides support to your business for administrative and creative services. No matter where your office is located in the world, an executive assistant works from an off-site location employing state-of-the-art tools, technology and techniques. With the help of an experienced virtual assistant, you can become more effective, more efficient and grow your business speedily. We provide reliable virtual assistant services to worldwide clients at extremely affordable prices.

Key Focus Area of our Virtual Assistant Service includes:
  • Any type of data entry services
  • Internet research or web research
  • Presentations and reports creation
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Correspondence management
  • Desktop publishing services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social media and blog management
  • Database management services
  • Typing, editing, formatting business proposals
  • eCommerce management services
  • Photo editing and retouching

Let's connect us with our 24×7 customer support service for any kind of query.